Career Firefighter



Ken has been an invaluable resource for me throughout the recruitment process. His honest feedback, advice and coaching was instrumental during all stages of the recruitment as well as the interview process.

I highly recommend Ken to other aspiring firefighters looking to be successful in achieving their highest aspiration.

Chris Hockin

Hi Ken,

I wanted to thank you for sitting down with me and helping me prepare for my interview.

Your knowledge of the process and what the interviewers are looking for is invaluable. I would not have been successful in achieving my dream career as a Firefighter if it wasn't for your help.

You helped me develop the tools needed to perform at a high level in the interview, making a weakness of mine a strength. The confidence you instilled in me was a great contributor to my success.

Once again, thank you for your help.


Dear Ken Johnson,

I scheduled an interview coaching session with the former Chief and could not have been happier with the result.

He prepared a mock interview that was specifically designed for the department I was applying for (Vancouver). He helped me to understand the interview process and was able to show me how to answer the questions in a way that would score well in a panel interview.

He helped me to be prepared and confident for when I walked into the interview room. One of the biggest advantages of sitting down with the former Chief, is that you're getting advice from someone who has been in the room and interviewed countless fire applicants before.

He understands exactly what the panel is looking for and can help applicants find THEIR best answer for each question. In addition to the interview specific help KJ also had some very useful tips for the ride along and skills components of the process.

Thank you very much for your help,

Brett Gulevich - Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services

I'm writing to let you know that I have received a job offer from Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

I wanted to thank you for your help in the process. It was certainly very valuable and and I don't think I would be in this position without it. I will surely be recommending your services to others in the future so that they can also achieve their lifelong dream.

Thank you again, I can't say it enough.

Daniel Gutierrez: Vancouver Fire

Ken Johnson is an excellent source in helping you get prepared for this career. Because of his experience in the fire service along with the many years on the interview panel; he knows exactly what departments are looking for. We all know how gruelling the hiring process can be and you can never be over prepared. I can't thank you enough Ken.

Trevor DeJong: Coquitlam Fire

Hi Ken, Thank you so much...

I really appreciate your service and feel that it absolutely played a part in helping me achieve this goal!

While I am very proud of myself I owe a great deal if gratitude to countless people who helped me get here. Thanks again Ken!

Jeff Gill

My lifelong dream was to become a career firefighter, and recently my dream became a reality when I was hired by the Delta Fire and Emergency Services.

The task of gaining employment with a career fire department is not without its challenges. The amount of time, energy and perseverance required is insurmountable, but definitely worth it in the end. All of my efforts would have been in vain if it were not for the help of retired Battalion Chief Ken Johnson.

Ken applied his knowledge, experience and immense passion for the fire service into a well conceived plan to aid me throughout Delta's hiring process. Ken walked me through some general expectations for the interview and ride along portions of the hiring process as well as offering his unique perspective of all things included. Ken did not tell me exactly what to say in my interview, rather he merely provided me with an array of diverse ways to approach interview questions and made me consider angles that I had never befo considered.

I firmly believe that my session with Ken gave me the edge that I needed to be successful in the fire service and for that I am eternally grateful to him. The tools that I learned from Ken did not end with the hiring process, rather they will aid me throughout my entire career. Ken's commitment, intensity and passion for the fire service are a thing of legend and I hope that my career proves as fruitful and distinguished as Kens.

If you are even considering a career in the fire service you must be prepared to work tirelessly to fulfil your goal, and you must be willing to make sacrifices. Do not let all of your sacrifices go empty-handed, you must meet with Ken Johnson to take that final step towards becoming a career firefighter. You can't afford not to.

Nicholas Meerstra: Delta Fire

...My dream job came through , and you were part of this chief, I  won't forget.

Thanks again  

Shawn  Williams: Coquitlam Fire

Ken Johnson is the most passionate person I have ever met in the fire service.  I met with him in hopes that he could give me an advantage over my competition.  I have also been to other interview coaches but Ken gave me something that they couldn't offer.  The inside view of what of the life of a fire fighter is and a great heads up on what the interview room would be like, and questions that were either the same or directly related to the ones asked in the interview.  He was so passionate about just helping a fellow fire fighter it felt like a friend helping and not a service, when I was leaving his house I had just about forgot to pay him, he had to remind me that he charged for his services.  I believe if you have ever thought about becoming a fire fighter you must go see Ken Johnson. Thanks to his help I have passed my interview with the Vancouver Fire Department and will be moving on to the next stage of their process.

-Ben Lefkowitz

Dear Chief Johnson,

I wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me getting prepared for my interview with Edmonton Fire and Rescue.  I scored 91.67% on the interview, and I know the high score was a result of your coaching.  A couple questions that you tested me with appeared during the interview, so I felt really confident answering them.I got an email a few weeks ago saying that I placed 25th on the eligibility list, and that the top 48 candidates will be starting at the training academy on March 02, 2013.  My wife, son, and I are moving to Edmonton, and we are all very excited and grateful for my future with the department. 

Thanks so much.  If you ever need help with anything in the future, send me an email, and I'll do all I can.  I hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement, and I hope you keep helping out folks like me.  All the best.

-Mike, Katrina, and Odin Morris