Getting Hired as a Career Firefighter

There are a lot of steps to getting hired as a career firefighter in Canada

Get help from start to finish with my Fire Department Hiring Coaching Services

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Getting Hired as a Firefighter

Year after year the standards continue to get tighter, more stringent and the hiring process becomes more and more competitive as we continue to attract serious, well-prepared applicants.

For an aspiring firefighter it can sometimes seem overwhelming as you try to put all the pieces together for a successful resume, fitness result, aptitude test and interview.

This is where we come in.

What is a Hiring Coach?

My job as a hiring coach is to work with you in-person, over the phone or via email to help you improve on every aspect of your application process.

We can discuss the process as a whole, from start to finish. Where to go to fire academy, the courses you should take outside of the academy, activities you should be involved in, the kinds of practice materials you should use and, most importantly, prepare you for the interview.

Did you know that many candidates do well on every component up to and including the interview yet still get passed over based on something a duty crew noticed about that candidate?

Did you know that many departments have progressed to include a multi-day ride-along in which the firefighters on the job have the opportunity to evaluate you both as a firefighter and a person?

Having spent nearly 30 years on the floor of a large municipal fire department , I can help you understand the mindset required to be successful in all these areas.

Learning from your mistakes is an excellent thing. Preparing yourself well enough that you don't make mistakes in the first place is even better.

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