Dominate the Fire Department Interview

Learn how to excel during your firefighter interview

A well prepared candidate is easy to spot during their interview. Answers come easily, quickly and comfortably.

Learn how to answer common questions and prepare for any unexpected questions that may come up.

Learn What to Expect During Your Fire Department Interview


firefighter interview coachingGetting hired as a career firefighter in Canada continues to be a highly competitive process where departments may hire 1 person out of every 100 applicants.

In this environment it is expected that the best candidates should rise to the top. The entire hiring process is built around assement of candidates in multiple areas with statistical analysis of the results returning the preferred firefighters.

We expect that you are exercising to maintain a high level of fitness and succeed in the fitness test.

We expect that if you do not have a background working with tools and power equipment that you have put effort into teaching yourself the basics of mechanical aptitude, perhaps taking some courses or finding part time opportunities to get your hands dirty.

We expect that you are doing all the little things that make you a good community member.

We expect that you will come to the interview prepared. Yet time and again I see otherwise excellent candidates destroy their chances of a job by not being able to handle the fire service's behavioral based interviewing.

Practice for Your Firefighter Interview

I counsel firefighter candidates either in-person or over the phone. We will begin by explaining what happens in the interview room, the ways in which you should approach any questions and the unique details that we see in successful candidates.

After having some time to practice building your behavioral-based interviewing skills, we can conduct a mock interview, live in-person to see how well you are performing.

On the basis of the mock firefighter interview, we will go over areas for improvement.

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