Some Free Tips for Your Firefighter Interview

You need to prepare for your interview well in advance of your actual interview date.

Don't try to cram at the last minute. An ill-prepared candidate is easy to spot.

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Some Basics For Your Interview

The Interview panel has all seen your resume. At least one of them has read it very carefully.
Have you?

Questions about your work history should be simple.
If your answers and your resume don't line up, do you think we will find you trustworthy?

We expect that you will be nervous. We realize it is sometimes a stressful environment.... so is firefighting.
How you respond to stress in your interview can be a good indicator of how you respond to stress on the job.

Remember your audience.
Time and time again we run into candidates who think they are at a social mixer. Friendly is good, trying to be a stand-up comedian the whole time... not so good.

Don't be on time, be early!
It is amazing how many people do not grasp this simple concept.

You are going to a job interview, not a day of work in a lumber camp.
There is a myth floating around that fire interview panels are impressed by someone who shows up looking like they are ready for serious, dirty work. They are not impressed. Buy a suit.

Your references WILL be checked.

The first question is usually along the lines of "why do you want to be a firefighter"
If you don't have an answer for this one, you're really in the wrong place.