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The firefighter interview is your chance to make a good impression on the people who make the final determination on hiring you.

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Are your prepared for:

Building a Resume?
Choosing a Fire Academy?
Finishing the Academy with a good reputation?
Succeeding at the Fitness Test?
Passing the Aptitude Test?
Blowing the panel away at your firefighter interview?
Impressing the crews during your ride-along?

Don't Go to Your Interview Unprepared!

The firefighter interview is quite possibly the most important step in any hiring competition.

This step is generally a critical pass / fail component, and as such, you should approach the interview not as 'the next step' but as the most important step.

This website has been built to provide help to fire candidates who want to enter their interviews fully prepared, professional, and ready to show that they are indeed a top candidate for hiring.

On the following pages you will find information as to how fire department hirings proceed, some basic tips to follow to ensure you don't get marked as 'non hire', and information for how to arrange for a face-to-face consultation, mock interview panel or help over the phone.

Learn From My Years of Experience Sitting on Fire Department Interview Panels

As a chief of training department and former union executive, I have been in the unique position to sit on the firefighter interview panels on behalf of the department management as well as the firefighter union. I have seen candidates that were well prepared and candidates that were completely missing the point.

Sadly, I have seen many fit, highly qualified individuals struggle with behavioral based interview questions and have their chances at their dream job squashed.

Please enjoy your visit to my site and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Make Sure You Have the Whole Picture!

Many interview coaches are offering services that promise to help you get hired as a career firefighter. The problem is, many of these coaches are not, and never have been, a career firefighter.

I have spent decades on the floor of a Metro Vancouver fire department, I know not only what the hiring panels want to see in the interview room, I know what characteristics and traits make a good firefighter as seen from the floor of the hall.

Not only will I help you ace your firefighter interview, I will put you in the position to be able to excel at all the other parts of a modern firefighter hiring: the ride-along, the resume building process, the fire academy, and hopefully... your time as a probationary firefighter.

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